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Motion Graphics Boot Camp

3 months cutting-edge Certification Courses

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Courses to be held at Bangalore campus


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With the rapid growth of Social Media marketing & OTT content, Motion Graphics is today more important than ever before. It is the number  skill that any Digital creator needs to master the art of creating compelling stories for Brands, Media and Entertainment.  


The EDGE Motion Graphics bootcamp course is designed to give you a foundational knowledge of the tools and techniques required to produce professional quality motion graphics using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.  

  • The importance of Motion Graphics. 
  • Different uses of Motion Graphics. 
  • Movie Titles & Program Packaging. 
  • Logo Animation. 
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing. 
  • Information design. 
  • Photoshop as a Design Tool. 
  • Understanding the Photoshop Interface. 
  • Selection and cropping. 
  • Layers and Blend Modes. 
  • Saving and exporting Files. 
  • Understanding the After Effects Interface. 
  • Importing Photoshop  files. 
  • Animating objects in After Effects. 
  • Creating an Animation shot in AE. 
  • Importing Video Clips into After Effects. 
  • Layering Live-Action with Animated Graphics. 
  • Importing Green-Screen Footage. 
  • Creating a clean Chroma Key. 
  • Spill Suppression. 
  • Adding a background to your Keyed footage .
  • What is Rotoscoping?
  • The Rotoscope, Roto Brush and Hair Tools in AE. 
  • Creating a Rotoscoped Composite. 
  • Audio Basics in After Effects. 
  • Importing and layering Audio files. 
  • Audio Effects. 
  • Setting markers or cues. 
  • Animating Graphics in sync with Audio. 
  • Planning your first 10 second animation Sequence. 
  • Creating a composition with live-action, audio and Graphics. 
  • Outputting your first animated motion graphics shot. 
  • The 3D Camera in After Effects. 
  • Camera Settings & Pre-sets. 
  • View Layouts. 
  • Keyframe Assistants and Controllers. 
  • Adding the 3rd dimension to your AE project. 
  • The Power of After Effects Plugins. 
  • Best free Plugins AE. 
  • Creating complex Visual treatments. 
  • Colour Correction in After Effects. 
  • Choosing a Topic for the Final Project.  
  • Research and collect references. 
  • Find the appropriate music and effects for your Project. 
  • Design your Pitch Presentation.  
  • Obtain Instructor approval for final production. 
  • Create a complete Motion Graphics Opening Program package using all the tools and techniques learnt in the course. 
  • The project will contain a 15 sec Opening Title Sequence, 5 and 3 second bumpers, title supers and a 60 sec animated background loop. 
  • Project Screening and jury evaluation. 


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