Master Certificate in Meta-Game Design

The Master Certificate in Videogame Production will teach you to create your own videogames. The modules will focus on all concepts related to 3D designing for audio-visual production, be it modelling with Zbrush and Substance Painter or creating prototype scenarios with 3Ds Max or using Unity and Unreal Engine game engines. You will receive complete training in videogame production in this course, which will prepare you to face any challenges when it comes to the creative side of the job.

Master Certificate in Meta-game design

Master Certificate in Meta-Game Design

Master Certificate In meta-game design

The Metaverse will redefine digital futures and gaming is
at the core of the revolution. All the current Metaverses
from Fortnite to Roblox are built on Game Engines.

Understanding and learning how to build content for Game
Engines is a critical future skill for jobs in Gaming and
Metaverse Design and Development.
Uniting foundational tools such as Unreal Engine, Blender
and Adobe CC students in this course master the art and
technology of visualising futuristic digitals worlds and
creating their own multiplayer experiences for web and VR.

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Become a leader in the Metaverse Revolution with the EDGE 300 hour intensive Master Certificate in Meta-Game Design and Development.

  •  Introduction to game design and development
  • Creating concept arts for game
  • Introduction to 3D assets creation
  • Introduction to Unreal Engine
  • Advanced 3D Asset Creation
  • Advanced Game Development in Unreal Engine
  • Metaverse Fundamentals
  • Multiplayer Gaming with Unreal Engine
  • Developing your Game for VR Deployment
  • Metaverse Final Project


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