Master Certificate in Virtual Production

Our Master Certificate in Virtual Production is a 300-hour program divided into three modules: Unreal Engine Boot Camp (80 hours), Advanced Virtual Production with Unreal Engine (150 hours) and Virtual Production Short Film Project (70 hours). These modules are designed to turn a novice into a maestro in Unreal Engine.

Master Certificate in Unreal Engine Virtual Production

Virtual Production 1

Master Certificate in Virtual Production

Virtual Production Mobile

Master Certificate in Virtual Production

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The Master Certificate course is a fully integrated Virtual Production training program that you can join even if you have no prior experience or background in CG, VFX or Game Design but a passion to tell stories that involve fantastic visual effects and work hard to achieve it.

Starting with the very foundations of storytelling, camera techniques and computer graphics we will propel you to a professional level in just one year of intense training and ensure that you have your very own Portfolio Film when you graduate to show your expertise in Virtual Production.

  •  Basic Cinematography.
  •  Introduction to Unreal Engine.
  •  Introduction to Computer GFX.
  • Introduction to Compositing.
  • UE for Pre-visualisation.
  • UE Environment Design.
  • Character Animation in UE.
  • UE Cinematic Sequence.
  •  Visual Effects Storytelling.
  •  Advanced Story Workshop.
  •  Advanced Computer GFX.
  • Advanced Compositing.
  • UE Virtual Production.
  • Student Professional Portfolio Production Project using Unreal Engine and Live Shooting.
  • Film Screening and Upload.


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