Unreal Engine Courses

Courses taught by Unreal Authorized Instructor Partners for Epic Games, Raj Salagre and Mazdiar Santoke

1. Introduction to Unreal Engine

This one-day hands on workshop for beginners is an entry point for anyone wanting to start their journey acquiring skills in using the real-time tools provided within Unreal Engine. You learn the basics of through a project based approach where you create a simple 3rd shooter person level in Unreal Engine using content downloaded from the UE marketplace.

At the end of the workshop you will have a basic overview of Unreal Engine pipeline and the steps needed to create a simple a simple project.

Course Content

  • • An Overview of Unreal Engine Interface and workflows
  • • Creating projects using templates.
  • • Importing data into your project.
  • • Introduction to PBR materials
  • • Introduction to lighting
  • • Introduction to Landscape.
  • • Overview of Blueprints
  • • Creating a basic Level
  • • Playing your Game

Duration: One day – 6 Hours

Prerequisites: None. Open to all students.

2. Material Fundamentals in Unreal Engine

Materials are the key to the realism of a scene. This one-day hands on workshop teaches you the fundaments of using materials in Unreal Engine. The PBR (Physically based rendering) workflow within Unreal Engine is a very capable, structured and advanced photo-real material system. This workshop will provide you with a basic overview of the use of materials inside Unreal Engine.

Course Content

  • • What is PBR (Physically based rendering)?
  • • An overview of the PBR workflow in Unreal Engine
  • • Adding materials from the Content Browser
  • • Introduction to the material editor
  • • Values, Functions and Textures
  • • Master materials and material instances
  • • Creating a master material
  • • Creating variations (instances) of the master material
  • • Importing photoreal materials from the Megascan library
  • • And introduction to some advanced materials

Duration: One day – 6 Hours

Prerequisites: This one-day workshop is only open to those students who have completed the Unreal Engine Introduction course.

3. The Unreal Engine Sequencer

The Unreal Engine Sequencer is a powerful storytelling tool that is being used by filmmakers to create films and pre-viz sequences. In this workshop you will design a cinematic sequence from scratch using content from the marketplace. You will learn how to set up your scene, create level sequences, actor sequences, create animations them using keyframes,

apply imported animation to characters and use specialised camera tools, and create cinematic movements. Finally you will render the your scene into a video file using the sequencer render manager.

• Sequencer Overview and controls for the cinematic viewport

• Overview of Level Sequences, Actor sequences and scene changes.

• Overview of Movie Objects such as Cine Camera, Camera rail and Camera crane

• Character setup and Livelink

• Importing Character animation

• Overview of the Graph editor

• Postproduction

• Rendering out your Movie

Duration: One day – 6 Hours

Prerequisites: This one-day workshop is only open to those students who have completed the Introduction course and would like to know how to use the Unreal Engine to create cinematic sequences.

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